Peter was born in the Lancashire town of Bolton, in the northwest of England, and began his career as a stage hypnotist at the age of nineteen. He honed his skills in the notorious clubs of Manchester.
His real ambition, during this time, was to perform in theatre venues, as did only a few successful hypnotists of the day.
Within three years, Peter’s plans came to fruition and he was soon selling out to 1500-seat theatre crowds on a regular basis and surpassing even the audience sizes of his most successful contemporaries.
Peter’s television career began in the year 2000 when he made five, one-hour TV specials for The UK’s Channel 5.
They were entitled; The Naughty, Naughty Hypnoshow ™ and, as the title suggests, were somewhat adult in flavour, featuring hypnotic stunts far more outrageous than anything previously seen.
Since then, Peter has gone on to make more than 60 of his own TV shows, in 5 different countries, and broadcast in more than 30 countries around the world.

He has pushed the boundaries of hypnosis with some breath-taking hypnotic stunts. You will find more details about this on ‘ON TV’

He also amazed viewers and practitioners of hypnosis alike by successfully inducing hypnosis via fax, telephone, webcam and even text message.

Peter was asked to launch the new Hyundai i30 for a TV advertising campaign in Europe. This also involved the world’s first online hypnosis experiment, in which thousands of people were successfully hypnotised, persuading them to leave declarations of love for the new Hyundai model on all social networks.

He was also chosen by Coca Cola™ to present a unique taste experiment on hypnotised members of the public.  This was  to launch a marketing campaign for their new, sugarless drink, Coke Zero™ in Europe.
The advert, and a short, behind-the-scenes documentary, quickly went viral and gained more than 1,000,000 views online.

Peter is a dedicated vegan, a supporter of animal rights, charitable efforts to alleviate hunger, poverty and extend opportunity and education in less developed areas of the world.

His new book will be published later in the year and all proceeds will go to food relief charities.