With a natural sense of mischief and a wayward sense of humour, Peter delights in creating new and exciting ideas for television.
He considers himself fortunate to have collaborated and worked alongside some of the most talented production companies, crews and innovators in TV and in his own field of expertise – comedy hypnosis.

“With over 60 of his own TV Shows, Peter Powers is one of the most successful and unique hypnotists in the world.”

In 5 different countries, Peter is frequently the first choice for TV Networks, TV Production Companies and broadcast media when it comes to hypnosis shows, hypnotism segments, consultation and corporate advertising.

This is due to his considerable experience and an impressive body of work in all aspects of hypnosis on TV.
Not only has he made dozens of guest appearances on a variety of top-rating TV shows, he has also written, presented and filmed more than 60 of his own. This includes 41 x 30 minute shows, 13 x 60 minute shows and 7 x one-hour TV Specials.

In making his TV shows, Peter has hypnotised thousands of volunteers, performed hundreds of ‘shoot’ days, filming hypnotism in the studio, on location, as well as writing hundreds of unique sketches and comedy hypnosis routines.

He is also the hypnotist of choice for large corporations, their product launches and TV marketing campaigns.
In the last two years, Peter has launched Coke Zero (link to video) for Coca Cola in Europe and for the new Hyundai i30 (link to video), for Hyundai.

Some of his TV shows include:

The Naughty, Naughty Hypnoshow is a series of 5 one hour shows made in The UK for  Channel 5, The UK.

Street Hypnosis is a series of 15 X 30 minute shows made for Bravo TV, in The UK.

Celebrity Superpowers is a one hour TV special.
He made two of these specials in New Zealand, hypnotising the nation’s celebrities and made two more specials in Australia featuring Australian celebrities.

The Power of One is two whole series of hypnosis shows made for Australian TV – 26 episodes in total.

Peter Powers’ Payback is a series of 8 x one hour shows made in The Netherlands for Dutch TV Network, RTL.
Peter even spoke a little Dutch (with a heavy accent) for the show – read more

Housemates Hypnotised  is a one hour TV special in which Peter Powers performed his own show as a surprise event in the Big Brother House, in Australia.

You’re Back In The Room – although this TV show cannot be counted as one of Peter’s own shows, he was the first choice hypnotist for this format in two different countries. Contractually prevented from making this in one them, Peter went on to make a special 90 minutes version of the series in New Zealand.

Peter has just finished filming two pilot shows that are presently under close consideration for production in a few months time and later in the year.

Although Peter has been a guest on dozens of TV shows in many countries around the world, special mention must be made of The Footy Show , Australia.
Referred to by host Fatty Vautin as “a friend of the show”, Peter has been a returning guest, featuring on the show a total of 9 times.

Good Morning New Zealand  hosted four special events starring Peter Powers. These live hypnosis extravaganzas, up to 3 hours in duration, were an adventurous undertaking, given the nature of live television and the unpredictability and range of response to hypnotic commands. They were a huge success and were repeated as whole morning shows.